Women, gender equality and constitutional change: lessons from Catalonia and Scotland

Gender Politics at Edinburgh


Meryl Kenny (UNSW) and Tània Verge (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

This blog draws on discussions held at the Women and Constitutional Futures Seminar: Gender Equality Matters in a New Scotland held on 14/15 February 2013 at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the STUC Women’s Conversations event held on 18 February 2013. 

A version of this blog is also available in Catalan HERE.


On 11 September 2012, almost 2 million people – a quarter of Catalonia’s population – rallied in the streets of Barcelona in support of independence. Early elections were immediately called to give the new Catalan parliament a clear mandate to negotiate with the central Spanish state over the right to self-determination and the governing Catalan parties set a time limit for calling a referendum in 2014, the same year that Scots will be asked if they want independence. In this blog, we explore the parallels between the…

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